attack mode!

I’ve have crazy amounts of work to get down in January and I’m trying to battle my way through loads of it today. I’ve discovered one thing that keeps me very focused is playing epic soundtracks; it tricks me into thinking my work is hugely heroic and the whole world is hanging on me finishing it. My latest discovery is the soundtrack to a video game called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. I think I would probably hate playing this game, but Hans Zimmer‘s bombastic soundtrack in the background gets me thinking I could take on a whole battalion of orcs. Something about the music’s relentless pace, I guess the thing that’s supposed to keep driving you through the videogame. Works for me. (Here it is on Spotify, if you can access that.)

If you’d rather listen to something more sensible, here’s an excellent new Panel Borders interview by Alex Fitch with my studio mates Gary Northfield and Ellen Lindner, about animal characters in comics. Listen here!

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