a mean game of croquet

While we were in Brussels for the wedding, someone brought out a croquet set during the reception and it turned out none of the Brits knew how to play. So I gave everyone a croquet lesson, but since there was no one to check up on me, I taught them how to play McIntyre Rules, which I suspect is much more vicious than your average croquet. I’d left this baby I was minding for the photographer in a pram on the edge of the lawn, but after my second round, Thingy started squalling. So I picked up Thingy and it stopped, and then I cracked myself up by playing another killer round with it stuck under one arm like a sack of flour. (I didn’t win that round, though.)

Apologies to Thingy’s parents if you’re reading this, it really is a lovely baby.

Other things:
heroprotagonist has done a great comic with lots of scrolling, The Secret Thoughts of Harold Lawrence Windcrampe.

The DFC has a cool new trailer for an upcoming strip, Mezolith by Adam Brockbank and Ben Haggarty. And you can play Poke the Ogre here, the simplicity, the genius.

And I hear from David Lloyd that Jonathan Cape and the Observer are running their Graphic Short Story Prize competition again. I didn’t apply last time because the brief was really confusing, but perhaps they’ve made it more clear this time. Deadline is 17 October.

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