Monthly Archives: August 2007

a sketch a day…

…keeps mad bunnies away. I’ve just written a review of ‘Penguin’ by Polly Dunbar over at Write Away. Funny book, with a cool DVD animation. I’m back in town, after a fabulous bank holiday weekend camping at Cheltenham Racecourse for … Continue reading

bird parade

I spent a bit too long on yesterday’s morning sketch. So I thought I’d speed things up with this one. [edit]: Ha ha, Garen Ewing just noticed that I was ‘flipping the birdie’… ;-D


Another morning sketch. I based this one roughly on a family photo I really like from the book ‘The Champion Pig’, compiled by Barbara P. Norfleet.

morning sketch

This is part of my vow to draw something every morning. Can’t remember if I posted this already, but here’s a lovely Italian trailer for the upcoming Coraline film. It looks fascinating; I’ve seen the occasional update about the puppets … Continue reading